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At Tourism Cyhhacm it's our job to make sure we find 'out of this world' destinations for those looking to explore beyond our galaxy.

Every Galactic Standard month we send a staff member to a new location of their choice, so you can be sure our recommendations are from first hand (or paw/claw) experience.

Staff Tips

Hi there! I am Klazorto, and I was lucky enough to visit the Wild Atlantic Way last month. Here are my top tips!

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Pack for all weathers

The Wild Atlantic Way is in a temperate climate zone but you can get chilly in the winter months. If you aren't blessed with a naturally furry coat like some aliens, do bring a jumper or pick up a locally knitted one while there!

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Go with the flow

The pace of like along the Wild Atlantic Way is easy going. Don't plan everything to the minute, allow yourself time to take it all in and talk to the local people you meet.

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Try the seafood

Seriously, it's the freshest I've tasted this side of the galaxy.